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Makeup Fail

Everyone makes tragic beauty blunders. These photos will add a little caution to your step. We welcome and encourage user submissions, share with us all the scary desi makeup and hair mistakes you can find! We have to give credit to our sources so we don’t get sued, so please send us the link where you found the picture. Email us  labelgen.php . We are still waiting to hear back from our friends in the legal field about using pictures from Facebook so readers who have sent ones from that website in – we haven’t forgotten about you!

Disclaimer: This section of the website is solely intended for entertainment purposes and is not to be taken seriously.

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**NEW** Week of August 16th, 2009 **NEW**

Bollywood Represent!


Photo Credit: Dlisted.com

Claim to Fame: Bollywood item girl turned actress. Most known for steamy scenes in movie “Murder.”

LM’s Tip to Offender: Although this section is entitled “makeup” fail, we just couldn’t let this outfit slide. Is it a dress? Is it a nightie? Is it a workout outfit? Is it the modern version of the Madonna “Material Girl” video? Mallika, we love that you are representing the desi community at the Inglorious Basterds premiere in Hollywood, but for the love of God, get a stylist – the days of Jessica Rabbit should be left back in the 80s where they belong. Other than that, we have no words… we are kind of speechless.



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2. f - August 19, 2009

good lord.. she looks like a cross between Shera (from he-man) and Superwoman

3. Sadia - August 19, 2009

I’d say I’m pretty comfortable with the human body and nudity, but I had the urge to avert my eyes!

4. Z - August 21, 2009

Is that velvet? The gloves with rings on top are the best..so classy LOL

5. i_heart_mars - August 22, 2009

this is an adams family disaster

6. Kalsoom - August 24, 2009

Victoria’s Secret and Comic Con had a baby. Her name was Mallika.

7. Supe - August 26, 2009

Gasp! What the….??

8. AF - August 27, 2009

If her plan was to shock and awe–this is definitely shocking and awful..

9. OUH - October 9, 2009

Oh Hi there, Mally. I love it!

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