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Fun with Purple

Week Of March 22nd, 2009

My eyes! Oh Lord, My eyes!


Claim to Fame: Saturday Post Eid Makeover, Before and After

Lipstick Masala’s tip to Offender: No No No! The SP needs to rethink their beauty specials. First, the purple used on this poor lady does NOT complement her skin tone. Second, never never never match your eyes to your lips like this! Let’s not even get into the outfit…



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2. AF - March 24, 2009


3. sos - March 24, 2009

they ruined this girl’s face with that hot purple mess!!

4. Rupal - March 24, 2009

yikes! the makeup is pretty embarrassing…..yah lets not get started on the outfit!

5. Sarah - March 24, 2009

hahaha…who wears such purple? it’s a huge NO NO for me!

why is purple IN this season again?

anyone knows any good lavender shades in eyeshadow? i am not a huge purple fan…but might try lavender on eye…def. no lavender, lilac or purple on lips!

6. Kalsoom - March 24, 2009

Dude, she belongs in an 80’s music video!

7. sos - March 25, 2009

a good lavender, if you have fair skin, is crystal, by mac. it didnt show on my skin, and i’m fair-ish. but try it.

8. Reimas - March 25, 2009

whoa there…what a killer tri-combo of the purple flower, purple eyes, and purple lips.

clearly going for the purple people eater look.

9. Taniya - March 25, 2009

This has to be a first where the before was better than the after, They should have called it the after/before makeover or how NEVER to apply make EVER !!!

10. Sadia - March 26, 2009

Okay,I’m going to be the devil’s advocate here as I’m a purple fan…..and compliment on the 2nd pic. The first is probably what I look like when I wake up or worse. Actually the purple on her eyes is not so very bad. On the lips….well, its passable….Help! Lipstick Masala just murdered me.

11. FSAADAT - March 28, 2009

I secretly like the purple eyeshadow too! Would never wear it myself because purple is my least favorite color even in clothes but if she just changed the lipstick maybe the eyeshadow would not look so bad?

12. sjp - March 29, 2009

I cant stand the purple purple purple look. if you walk like that around london theyd think ur doing drag.

The lipstick is HORRENDOUS….dont do it people just DONT DO IT.
The eyeshadow may just about pass on its own. She would need nude lipstick.

Her eyes are so big and pretty, the way they have done her make up makes them look really small.

13. Amber - July 2, 2009

I think if the purple eyeshadow would have been combined with another color it would look better. The entire lid being purple is not flattering.
The lips are too cool toned and I feel it makes her look grey.
The lipstick should have been warmer tone for sure.

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