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Modern Cleopatra

Week of June 14th, 2009

normal_Bipasha Basu - IIFA 2007 Red Carpet & Show-18

Claim to Fame: Bollywood Superstar Bipasha Basu

Lipstick Masala’s Tip to Offender: Bips, Bips Bips, it pains us to put you on this week’s makeup fail. But, what exactly were you thinking before you stepped out like this to the IIFA Awards? We get that you like the thick liner look, but we don’t believe eyeliner belongs all the way on the nose or up near the temples. We wish you would have left the fake contacts at home (other pictures from the same night have shown how awful they actually looked). Seeing as you insisted on the dark eyes, you should have chosen to go a shade or two lighter with the lipstick, but we may let that one slide (possibly). Unforgivable is the fact that your roots are exposed 3+ inches – this is fine for every day if you have not time to make it to the salon, but when attending a big event, it’s probably best to do a touchup so we don’t feel the need to “mind the gap” between your scalp and your ears.


Photo Credit: http://cinebazar.blogspot.com/2008/02/bipasha-basu.html



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2. OUH - June 22, 2009

I love her. She pulled it off, dont you think? Looks hot.

3. Petulia - June 23, 2009

Scary..Unless you are at an Egyptian-theme party you should not be wearing that makeup!

4. Kalsoom - June 24, 2009

I would go up to her with makeup remover and make four swipes on either sides of her eyes. Then she really does look lovely!

5. Sarah - June 24, 2009

lipstick and hair..i will let them slide..but eye liner..oh my! looks like she cried and eyeliner is dripping down the side od her nose..WTH!!!

6. Christine - October 3, 2009

i actually really like it. she pulls it off. i would make it a little less close to her nose, but still brought out from her lower lid

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