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Week of May 24th, 2009

Witches of Desiwick

Claim To Fame: Former Miss Bangladesh

LM’s Tip to Offender: Two words – Mamma Mia. It doesn’t matter what decade/century you won your crown in. You cannot represent your country looking like this. First plan of action, lose the frosty eyeshadow – you are not 15 anymore – it not only ages you greatly but it does not complement your skintone in the least. Second, if you wish to use dark and light shadows together, you must blend blend blend, we shouldn’t be able to see stark lines where one shadow ends and the other begins. Finally, if you enjoy dark lipsticks, that is completely fine, but add a little gloss to soften the look. Also, make sure to never do a heavy eye with a dark lip or you will look too made up and run the risk of looking witchy.



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2. Kalsoom - May 29, 2009

Wicked Witch of the [formerly] East [Pakistan]. *cackle*

3. Rupal - May 29, 2009

the dark lipstick makes her teeth look yellow…..a blue based lipstick/gloss works wonders if your teeth are yellowish!!

4. Maryam - May 29, 2009


5. Sadia - May 31, 2009

At least she looks happy!

sos - June 4, 2009

she does, but what about us viewers? 😉

6. Supe - June 1, 2009

She’s actually really pretty for a pageant, but oh what a mess she’s in makeup wise, shoot that bloody stylist/makeup person – hell, all of them!

7. Sheema - June 4, 2009

Yikes. Clearly someone forgot to tell her that you either focus on the eyes OR the lips, not both!

8. reimas - June 5, 2009

I think its keeping up with the fad. Clearly thats the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek on her forehead.

9. OUH - June 8, 2009

There was a wedding at Hilton, Edgware Road yesterday and as I woke up to Bhangra beats at 8 am outside my window.. I peeked out to see a few horses and a baraat going in to the wedding hall. (Don’t ask me why the baraat was gathering at 8 am as I just cant understand it!). Anyway, the point is that the majority of the crowd looked EXACTLY like this lady you have posted up here.. haha! Loving it.

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